Sportster - 883 Roadster - XL - 2014-2015 - Slipons adjustable


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Product number: 140-2352-791 + ESM3-02 (Mod.:165)
Product information "Sportster - 883 Roadster - XL - 2014-2015 - Slipons adjustable"
ESM3 - 2in2 | 3" - Matt black

Tapered - Chrome

Harley-Davidson EU Sportster 883 Roadster
XL 2014-2015
EC type-approval

- KessTech exhaust systems are always developed, constructed, designed and homologated to the delivery condition of the original vehicle. KessTech cannot evaluate whether the installation of further accessory parts together with a KessTech exhaust system is possible and still legal and therefore assumes no warranty or liability. Our Technical Support will be happy to answer any question. - The guarantee period is four years from delivery, for all exhaust systems delivered starting 2020. Before 2020, it is a 4 year warranty on our adjusters and a 2 year warranty on the remaining parts of the exhaust system if you don´t have an engine tuning.

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