Live your moment.

Live your biker dream with a KessTech! Perfectionize the freedom on two wheels completely legal!

Our adjustable exhaust systems enable the biker an awesome driving experience – the true and original driving fun. Full-Volume Sound because of the valve positioned at the end of the muffler, optimized performance and a design according to your wishes!  

We work closely with our dealers, so our exhaust systems are only shipped to dealers and installed by them. This is the only way we can guarantee a professional installation of our high-quality exhaust systems. 

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KessTech exhaust systems

Always legal!

KessTech is a pioneer in the development of electronically adjustable exhaust systems for motorcycles and was the first manufacturer on the market with a European type approval. While using our electronic sound systems you can switch between the different sound modes. In every mode including the Full-Volume Sound in the ON mode but also in the MEDIUM and OFF mode all legal requirements are met regarding performance, exhaust gas emission and sound emission. In the OFF mode you are even more quiet than the original exhaust. Therefore, you can have real fun and actively show consideration for your environment at the push of a button at the same time, when you do come home in the evening, for example.